Try These Powerful Public Speaking Secrets

Just about everyone is called upon to speak in public at some point. Whether it’s making a pitch to a potential business partner or toasting a pair of newlyweds, presentation is a valuable skill. When consultants in the Apollo Advertising network decide to meet in a shared workspace, they often coach one another in the art and science of public speaking.

Researching the audience is a common suggestion. A presenter should know who his or her listeners are, and what they should take away from a speech. A room full of college professors will have different needs than an audience of new parents, for instance. Tailouring the message appropriately sets up the speaker for success.

Rehearsing is another catalyst for effective presenting. Consultants like to practise their speeches while their peers listen and provide constructive feedback. Matters such as volume, tone, the use of pauses, and body language are all considered. With each run-through, the speakers apply suggestions and improve their talks.

Authenticity is an Apollo Advertising value. People appreciate those who are open, honest, and sincere. This fact applies to all contexts – including public speaking. Consultants who are genuine and who use techniques uniquely suitable to them are always successful presenters.

These methods lessen the nervousness triggered by public speaking and increase the likelihood of success.

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