Three Life Hacks Worth Trying

We all have a lot to do – and a limited time in which to do it. This is the reason productivity is a top priority within the Apollo Advertising network. We’ve discovered some effective strategies that help us accomplish as much as possible, as efficiently as possible.

Alarms are always helpful, for instance. In fact, they’re popular throughout the Apollo Advertising community. These alerts don’t just come in handy for waking in the morning, either. By using the notifications on your mobile calendar, you can stay ahead of deadlines and be prompted when it’s time to head out of the office for a meeting. You’ll remember all your responsibilities, and you’ll never be late.

It’s also best to schedule similar tasks in chunks of time together. For instance, all phone calls can be made in an afternoon, and research and writing can be completed in the morning hours. When you avoid multitasking in this way, you can preserve mental energy and stay in a productive flow.

Many professionals are tempted to begin their days with low-energy tasks, such as checking email. Not only does this push them into the mind-set of responding to others’ needs, it monopolises efforts that could be better invested elsewhere. It’s far better to get the day started with high-impact projects, which will increase momentum and make other duties feel relatively easy.

These techniques allow people to accomplish more in less time. Like Apollo Advertising on Facebook for more productivity ideas.