Speaking Engagement: Grab Attention Like a Pro

If you have the opportunity to speak in front of an audience, large or small, then you want to make sure you start out strong and grab their attention. Our Apollo Advertising business consultants have plenty of opportunities to hear good speakers and to give talks to others. Here are some great ways we’ve learned to gain attention quickly and keep it: 

  • Audience Engagement: People’s attention spans aren’t terribly extensive, so every five to seven minutes you need to get your audience to re-engage with your presentation. You can do this by asking for a show of hands, and for people to move around and respond. You can tell a joke or a compelling story before going back to your material. Whatever you do, start strong and continue to help them stay engaged.
  • Be Dynamic: No one can follow a speech read by a bland robot. Instead, you want to be dynamic, complete with confidence, enthusiasm, passion, and movement. You can refer to notes, but make sure you practise enough that you can look up and respond to the mood of the crowd. When giving a presentation in the Apollo Advertising office, our business consultants move from behind the podium all around the room.

If you have a great topic, compelling storeys, and well-rehearsed jokes, you’re sure to get through your presentation and make a big impact. For more presentation tips, follow Apollo Advertising on Facebook.