Shahela’s Success With New B2B Division

The community of which Apollo Advertising is a part is full of entrepreneurs who have embarked on paths to success as they grow their business ventures. Shahela, who is one of these ambitious people, is taking those first steps in an expanded B2B division.

“Shahela is a perfect example of someone who seizes each chance to learn and advance her goals,” said Anton T., Apollo Advertising’s Owner. “She is doing a tremendous job with this new division. She’s taken five people under her wing and works closely with them so that they each can excel. She’s a natural leader.”

Anton noted that Shahela’s ability to thrive is due to her entrepreneurial mind-set. “She thinks like an owner,” he said. “First, she took full advantage of the resources available through Apollo Advertising to gain the skills necessary to run a business. She absorbed tips on how to manage people, HR, administration tasks, and more. She’s eager to keep learning, which is why she continues to grow. Shahela’s a competent goal-setter and focuses on what she needs to do to achieve objectives.”

Collaboration is an element to success, and Shahela is a strong contributor within the community. She readily shares insights and ideas to help others realise their visions, while she’s open to feedback that will progress her business as well. “We all want to see each other succeed, which is a perk of this community,” Anton said.

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