Polishing Presentation Skills Helps Success

When 21 entrepreneurs from within the community at Apollo Advertising recently gathered for a NXT Meeting, the objective was to raise their voices. This event focused on a key skill that any business owner needs to thrive: public speaking.

Led by Anton and Khalid, this meeting was geared toward helping people with stage fright become more confident in their abilities to speak with others – whether it’s a crowd of two or 2,000. There are some key tips we share through our Apollo Advertising learning environment that really do boost a sense of calm and self-assurance when speaking before audiences:

• Know the Topic Well: Speakers who are well-versed on the presentation subject tend to project confidence. They also appear more credible, which can influence listeners to act. Therefore, before we set out to present information, we should be sure that we fully understand it. We should also be prepared to answer additional questions.

• Rehearse: A test run or two before our presentation will help us become more comfortable with what we have to say. Bonus points if we can practise in front of others who can provide feedback, so we know what is effective.

• Practise Breathing: Whenever we find ourselves becoming anxious, one quick trick is to focus on our breathing. Deep breaths followed by slow exhales help to moderate our respiration and heart rate, as well as quiet our minds so we can refocus on the mission at hand.

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