Make Your Commute Time Well Spent
Press Release

We’re traveling down the path to success at blazing speeds in our Apollo Advertising office. However, we embrace opportunities to become even more productive – especially during our daily commutes. Time on the tube can be better spent with a few key practises:

• Create Simple Email Replies: In our Apollo Advertising skill-sharing session, we discussed the option of using time on the tube to complete our emails. In particular, we might use it to respond to simple emails, queries or follow-up answers for which we can type only a line or two. This will save us significant time in the morning.

• Read Industry Articles: Our Apollo Advertising culture is based on learning and knowledge. We gain this by engaging in self-study as well. Riding to the office (provided we are not driving), is a great time to read up on industry topics or other points of interest. One good practise is to have reading material with us at all times.

• Listen to Podcasts: Rather than listen to music, even if we’re driving we can listen to a podcast by someone in the industry or a subject-matter expert on topics of interest such as public speaking techniques, how to become an effective leader, or entrepreneurial success stories.

Productivity is key and travel offers golden hours to sneak in work we might not have time for otherwise. Follow us on [Twitter] for more efficiency tips.