Let the (March) Madness Begin!

There’s something about a bit of friendly competition that inspires everyone to put forth extra effort. Right now, Apollo Advertising is kicking off a March Madness raffle. Independent contractors who fulfil productivity goals get to earn raffle tickets. At the end of March, these tickets will be entered in a drawing for prizes. The big prize everyone has their eyes set on is a Nintendo Switch.

So why does competition work? Here’s why they are good for community spirit:

” Competitions Increase Motivation: There’s something that stirs within each person when a contest is announced. Competition tends to invoke a sense of urgency. Thus, they can be highly motivating under the right conditions.

” Goals Foster Productivity: When you know what you want to do, you are more productive. The group of consultants who work with Apollo Advertising each have their own goals, many of which fit within those required to win in our current raffle. Contests come with specific and measurable objectives that people need to achieve to qualify. Therefore, these events increase participation in goal attainment as well as overall drive.

” Laughter Nurtures Camaraderie: The Apollo Advertising environment is one in which contractors can find kindred spirits with whom to collaborate. When we add in contests like March Madness, there’s always fun and laughter that accompanies such events. There’s no better way to get to know one another than by sharing joy.

Everyone is excited to get into the spirit with March Madness. Stay tuned for updates on this contest by following us on Twitter.