Increase Firm Accountability by Keeping Score

It starts with a vision, which follows into a mission. From there, we create goals and objectives to help us realise our purpose. Accountability stems from having metrics for goals that we can achieve. Our Apollo Advertising environment employs this type of measurement with each target so that we can hit our mark.

For work groups, it’s important to have visuals that allow people to see how their efforts are progressing. As we note during Apollo Advertising meetings, visualisation is a key to success. When we can see our progress, we have the chance to course correct if needed to get faster results. Just as importantly, we are motivated by what we have accomplished, which leads us to complete more.

In our Apollo Advertising skill-sharing sessions, we’ve discussed various ways in which to view our results. Of course, thermometer or scale-like charts that are filled in with each achievement can be rewarding. However, there are some creative methods to show progress. One can be a jellybean or bean jar in which each time a goal is completed, a number of beans that represent that goal are added. Another option is a scoreboard that keeps track of specific metrics, like customer calls returned or acquisitions. Finally, emoticons or a traffic light can be used with a task chart to show where success has been made or improvement is needed.

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