Great First Impressions, Lasting Network Connections

Networking fuels the success of Apollo Advertising. That’s in part why we maintain a community of consultants who often coach each other and support one another’s success. Without a doubt, being surrounded by ambitious colleagues inspires people to achieve big goals. Just as with every other aspect of business, there are some best practises that make for effective networking.

Business cards are rapidly becoming outdated. It’s preferable to connect with people on social media. Adding contacts on LinkedIn and following them on Twitter are convenient ways to stay in touch. What’s more, there’s no need to worry about losing cards or using outdated information that may be found on them.

Making introductions also helps people foster relationships. In fact, it plays a major role in the Apollo Advertising approach to networking. If a consultant meets someone in need of assistance he or she cannot offer, the individual may put his or her new contact in touch with the right person. This way, value is still offered and a positive impression is left.

Follow-up is a vital aspect of networking. What good is meeting someone when there is no contact beyond the one-time interaction? It’s best to follow up soon after the initial connection. Emails and phone calls are sufficient. Hand-written notes are great. Whatever the medium, quick and routine contact leads to lasting bonds that can benefit all parties.

Keep these methods in mind to secure networking success. To find more insights on this subject, follow Apollo Advertising on Twitter.