Give Yourself a Rest: Benefits of Relaxation Trips

It’s that time of year again for Apollo Advertising. We’re preparing to send the network of independent contractors on a fun-filled rest and relaxation trip. The destination is yet to be decided, but as Anton, the company Owner, describes it, “It is always a big and over-the-top location each year, so we know it will be somewhere great!” Here are some of the reasons why everyone is so excited about this upcoming travel announcement:

” Adds Balance: “R&R travel provides a balance against the intensity that comes with goal attainment,” Anton noted. “While Apollo Advertising is a productive, fast-paced, and satisfying community, there’s still something to be said for having fun together and not thinking about goals.”

” Great Reward: “Apollo Advertising has experienced a record-breaking first quarter,” Anton noted. “Expectations were surpassed each month. I think it’s time to celebrate with those individuals who have contributed to our success.”

” Time to Learn About Each Other: “As independent contractors, these individuals have a lot in common,” Anton stressed. “Now they can build stronger bonds as they enjoy each other’s company.”

“We all get really excited around this time of year. Everyone is wondering where we are going,” Anton concluded. Would you like to know where we end up for our mystery trip? Like us on Facebook and we’ll share the details of the destination in the near future.