Why Follow My Lead Is the Right Approach to Become a Leader
Business Success Story

Our Apollo Advertising culture is centred on developing astute business leaders. In fact, our step-by-step process features a simple framework – FML, or Follow My Lead. Here is how it works:

• Follow (First): When our Apollo Advertising brand ambassadors first engage with our firm, they work with our seasoned leaders to master business basics. From there, they grow into new opportunities in which they gain incremental knowledge. This approach allows our people to put their newfound skills to practise while they are supported by those who have more experience and wisdom to share.

• My (Development): In addition to Apollo Advertising’s learning environment, our consultants take advantage of many development options, such as conferences and other events and activities that put them in direct contact with influential business leaders.

• Lead (the Way): Once our brand ambassadors have successfully demonstrated that they are prepared to lead, we provide them with the space to put their skills to the test. From recruiting and developing to running operations themselves, we set them up to become confident and thriving entrepreneurs. By virtue of this model, not only do we afford our people a path in which to grow, we also increase our firm’s ability to serve more businesses.

We use the FML framework with our development methods in mind. Check out our [Newswire] for updates on our success.