Expansions on Our Horizon for 2019

Quite soon the bells will be ringing as we say farewell to 2018 and bid hello to 2019. Around Apollo Advertising, there’s a flurry of excitement as the plans for this upcoming year are finalised. The theme is all about growth with two major expansions in the works.

Anton, Owner of Apollo Advertising, couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that in the new year, the customer acquisition firm will expand operations to Chelmsford and Peterborough. These two opportunities will allow us to bring the consulting and marketing services for which we’ve become recognised to a broader market as we help our partners gain more success.

According to Anton, the reason for these expansions is simple: we’ve earned a solid reputation for creating outreach campaigns that are innovative and speak to the needs of customers. The model we employ is people-centric across the board. During our in-person marketing, we focus on what each individual values and tailor messaging to address their concerns and desires. In short, we provide them with the information necessary to convert them from interested audiences to people who will return time and again to the companies represented.

Our focus on making learning available to independent consultants within the network at Apollo Advertising also solidifies our name as a leader in this industry. As such, we expect that over the next year and beyond, we’ll have the pleasure of announcing even more new locations.

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