Consultants Attend 2018 Collaboration Meeting

Among other things, the consultants in the Apollo Advertising community are known for their commitments to relationship-building and nonstop learning. As they set goals for the new year, they identified the 2018 collaboration meeting as the perfect place to embrace both aspects of professional growth.

Cameron I., Shayela B., and Sam W. attended the event, where they reviewed all the ins and outs of what would be happening in the industry and the Apollo Advertising network throughout the coming months. While they were at it, they fostered new connections with other participants and nurtured existing ones. They also discussed best practises and even some new clients.

By setting goals such as attendance at the collaboration meeting, the consultants propelled their growth in the following ways:

• Measurement: Short-term goals need to be put in place along the way to the end objective. Each one fulfilled is a sign that things are progressing as planned. Challenges that arise may suggest the need for adjustment.

• Direction: Long-term goals act as guiding lights. By keeping them in sight, people can ensure that they are heading in the right direction.

• Motivation: Every achievement – big or small – builds momentum. It gets people excited to push forward toward more wins.

These aspects of goal-setting put people on the path to success. Check out the Apollo Advertising Newswire to stay updated on our accomplishments and industry events.