Coaching From Top Industry Leaders at Master Class

Recently, several representatives attended a Master Class where they could receive coaching and insight to bring back to Apollo Advertising from some of the top leaders and thinkers in the industry. The course was put together to be helpful for all levels of brand ambassadors, from the very new ones to the seasoned professionals.

The course completely encompassed what someone would need to know to work in this industry. It focussed on the importance of having an entrepreneurial mind-set. It taught everything from the foundation of sales to tips and tricks for those more experienced in the business. Brand ambassadors Benjamin M., Emily B., Charleen T., Connor W., Blerina B., and Kieran B. from the Apollo Advertising office attended. 

Industry leaders from all over the world were present to ensure that the class offered the best coaching available to attendees. It also gave people a chance to see how the careers of successful individuals have evolved. There are many different paths for success in the industry. “Coaching doesn’t come in a more quality format than when you get it from top leaders in your own field of work,” shared Anton T., Owner of Apollo Advertising. 

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