Celebrating a New Partnership and Opportunities

There’s quite a bit of excitement coursing throughout Apollo Advertising hallways. We recently acquired a large new partner in the medical field. This presents a big opportunity for the firm and the group of independent contractors who work with us.

“This is such great news for everyone,” said Anton, Apollo Advertising’s Owner. “We all look forward to providing excellent service to this company. We recognise what an honour it is to work with this partner and each person is ready to do their part to ensure mutual success.”

In preparation for this campaign, the contractors travelled to this company’s office to learn more about them. “We provide an on-the-ground presence for the firms we represent,” explained Anton. “Therefore, we need a clear understanding of their vision and their purpose to create impact on their behalf. These consultants met with the partner, asked questions, and gathered input that they’ll use to craft a customer acquisition solution that meets their needs.”

The other purpose of the trip was for the network of contractors to form working relationships with those at the company. “We’re in this for the long term,” said Anton. “Therefore, we need to establish a connection based on trust and collaboration. Our objective is to help this partner realise specific marketing goals. We’re fostering an environment in which we can communicate and provide feedback to achieve success.”

Growth comes easier when you have the right business model. Check out Apollo Advertising’s Newswire for more updates on our expansion.