Bring Your A-Game to Your Next Networking Event

Networking bolsters professional success, which is why so many contractors in the Apollo Advertising community invest in it. To maximise their efforts, they are always prepared and purposeful when connecting with others. Here are some of their best strategies:

• They Set Goals: Instead of introducing themselves to people at random, contractors have objectives for each event they attend. They may want to make at least five new contacts, for instance, or follow up with one connection each day. Setting goals sharpens focus, and meeting them lends to a feeling of accomplishment.

• They Focus on Quality: It’s nice to meet lots of influential people, but it shouldn’t be done in place of fostering lasting and meaningful bonds. A couple of deep conversations are more impactful than dozens of brief greetings. In fact, quality relationships form the foundation for the Apollo Advertising network of professionals.

• They Do Their Homework: Prior to stepping foot into an industry function, it’s helpful to know who will be present. This is where social media comes in handy. Contractors simply look up the name of the event online, or search for relevant hashtags. They note the names of people engaged in discussions about the gathering. Then they use LinkedIn to learn more about the individuals and decide who to meet first.

These techniques power successful connections.

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